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  • Must I notify the Department of Health if a staff member is replaced?

    Yes. You MUST notify the Department of Health within ten (10) days via an email when you are adding or deleting staff. Also, if you change the "Designated Physician" you have ten (10) days to notify the state.

  • I am unable to obtain mandated medications for the crash cart, what now?

    If you have a medication that is on backorder, you must show proof you have tried ordering it before the expiration date of the current medication. Print a copy of the dated backorder slip from the vendor and place it on the crash cart.

  • What documentation is needed for sterilization?

    Perform and document weekly spore testing. Document the daily use of the unit. Document the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning of the unit. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) requires initial and yearly competency training, which is to be documented and maintained.

  • What incidents should be reported to the state?

    Death, brain damage, spinal damage, a procedure performed on the wrong patient, a procedure to remove unplanned foreign objects remaining from a surgical procedure, any condition that required the transfer of the patient to a hospital, surgical procedure performed on the wrong site, wrong surgical procedure performed, surgical repair of injuries or damages from a planned surgical procedure if it resulted in death, brain damage, spinal damage, permanent disfigurement not to include the incision scar, fracture or dislocation of bones or joints, limitation or neurological, physical, or sensory function, any condition that required the transfer of the patient to the hospital.

  • How should an incident be reported?

    Via an Adverse State Report, which must be reported within fifteen (15) days from the incident.

    Complete the state report and attach any supporting documents. We suggest you number the pages (bottom right-hand corner) and make a copy to keep on site. Mail the original with supporting documents to the state via a trackable method and attach the proof of mailing with tracking number to your copy of the report.

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